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I am doc.

doc Inc. is a computational linguistics company focused on building medical dialog systems and intelligent conversational agents for the next-generation personalized healthcare.

A conversational AI that follows biological blood markers across the phenome and the genome.

It crunches numbers and connects the dots.

Its deep understanding of biological markers makes lab results for customers and patients easy and engaging.

doc.ai is a

At doc.ai, we have built very advanced natural language dialog systems designed for vertical healthcare.

With a data modeling approach, we help users understand their blood results and genomics report by answering questions with ‘personalized’ response.

We combine high-quality clinical knowledge from trusted sources curated by our in-house medical doctors with our curated Knowledge Graph which can understand complex questions from a user.

We also have processed massive semantic data sets from LOINC, RXNORM, ICD9, ICD10 to map medical concepts in the dialog.

We’re entering a world where artificial intelligence and natural language processing are bringing unmatched benefits to healthcare.

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