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At doc.ai we have built very advanced natural language dialog systems designed for vertical healthcare.

Biology of

DNA is the language of biology, linguistics is the biology of language. These two universal codes of our species are both necessary, we have to use one to understand the complexity of the other: we are using formal grammar to understand DNA syntax and are now building construction grammars (CGs) based on biological models.

Language and Biology are two living systems that have alphabets and syntax, semantics and pragmatics in common. Linguists and biologists started fine-tuning rules and features of both systems and constructed macro-theories of each based on small data samples. We have now big data , GPUs, eventually IPUs (Intelligence Processing Units) and Neural Nets that consist of several hidden layers. Statistics entered center stage where feature engineering gave way to architecture engineering.

Science in the end is transformed by the new toolkits it uses. In the case of medicine, Machine Learning and Deep learning AI are pushing healthcare from symptoms-based approaches to evidence-based science, but now, more than ever, powered by big data, to algorithm-based precision medicine. Medicine is going bottom-up and becoming molecular. Starting from the phenome to genomics, it will eventually cover other OMICs.

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