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Your health is one continuous research project.

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Join a growing community of people taking control of their life, investing in their health, getting valuable insights, earning rewards, and securely contributing to research.

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Power your company’s real-time decisions to optimize engagement and accelerate better health outcomes by leveraging our cutting-edge privacy-preserving technologies.

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Our A.I. technologies serve our core values of privacy, ownership, and security to provide you with transparent and safe products.

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Activate your health companion. is your health companion.
Get insights, advance research, earn rewards.
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Explore your genetics.

Genewall is your private genome browser. Explore your genes and compare your variants.
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Manage your mental wellness.

Serenity is your mental health companion with clinically validated tests, therapies, and coping tools.
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Your digital health signature.

The healthy way to return to your work, community, and social life.
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Passport: private health signature

Passport is a secure, customizable app that helps employers, community administrators, and individuals on their journey back to the workplace and everyday life.

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Join our diverse team of top A.I. researchers, engineers, data scientists, clinicians, and designers.
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