Be the Generation to Train Your Own AI

We believe that the biological profile of the near-future will be consumer-controlled, AI-powered & OMICS-data-centric.

We enable collecting a large scale of health metadata, mapping the world of disease with AI-powered predictive analytics, and accelerates multi-partner collaborations to make personalized health decisions

Collect. Predict. Change

Collect. Predict. Change

Collect your omics data in one place

Bring and own all your health data in your smartphone, designed to be decentralized and encrypted.

Predict what can be prevented

Join crowd-backed data trials and train your own AI to unlock personalized health predictions.

Earn through Change

Earn rewards for your impact to advance the health 
of generations to come.

There is only one future left for healthcare
Consumer controlled. AI-powered. OMICS centric

In Partnership with

  • Deloitte
  • DLA Piper
  • Stanford Medicine
  • HL7 FHIR

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For crowdsale enquiries, have a look at our FAQ at https://tokensale.doc.ai/faq and if your question is not answered email us at tokensale@doc.ai.