Be the Generation to Train Your Own AI

We believe that the biological profile of the near-future will be consumer-controlled, blockchain-based & OMICS-data-centric.

We enable the collection of comprehensive health data at large scale, mapping the world of disease with AI-powered predictive analytics, and accelerating multi-partner collaborations to make personalized health decisions.

Your health in one place

We bring together all your quantified biology, from lab tests, medications to how your environmental exposures relates to your health. You own your data. It’s encrypted and stored on your edge device/cell phone and securely transferred using the blockchain to ensure the integrity of the data. You control when and who to share it with, and earn financial compensations by doing so. When you are on top of your health, you know where you stand and how you can improve.

Predict what can be prevented

Far too many diseases, common or rare, do not have a proven means of effective prevention. By participating in data trials, you allow your data to be securely used for training deep learning models and build AI-powered predictive analytics for smarter health decisions. Your health no longer random.

Our Self2BMI is a smart data predictive module that seamlessly onboards you with By taking a selfie photo, it uses Deep Neural Network and optimization techniques to predict a variety of anatomic features from your selfie.
Your AI can predict age, height, weight, and gender.

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What change can you make?

Your health data is yours. Own it, train it, grow it. Our deep learning computing technology is designed for vertical medical domains and to generate personalized health insights you can act on.

There is only one future left for healthcare
Consumer controlled. AI-powered. OMICS centric

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