There is no medical research without you.

Accelerate medical research and discover personal health insights with the unique A.I. powered medical research companion app.


Collect and own your health data

Own and control your health data instead of letting 3rd parties misuse your valuable medical information.

Accelerate medical research uses unprecedented processing power and machine learning to move research forward in a way that has never been done before.

Safely contribute to science

Your data is safe and secure thanks to our state of the art encryption.

Get the full picture of your health with puts the power of your health data where it belongs-in your hands. Collect all of your omics data, such as lab results, genetic tests, and exercise data, in one convenient location so you can have a more complete picture of your health than was possible before.

How do we do this? uses artificial intelligence to build personalized insights tailored just for you, helping you optimize your health today to prevent problems tomorrow. All of your data is anonymized, encrypted, and decentralized using cutting edge technology to ensure that the only person who has access to your personal information is you.

Help accelerate advancements in medical research

As data from an increasingly biodiverse population accumulates, enables medical researchers to conduct studies more quickly, inexpensively, and accurately than ever before.

Through the app we make it easy for you to join relevant medical studies with a simple click of a button. When you join a medical study your unique biological and environmental circumstances are taken into account to find patterns between you and people with similar health profiles. This new way of conducting medical research helps science create faster and more accurate insights into health conditions which in turn, provides a healthier future for generations to come.

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