Help train an A.I. food model.

From managing diets for specific health conditions to achieving weight-loss goals, millions of people track their food intake for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, at the end of the day, food tracking is done to quickly assess nutrition and assure the right balance of food is consumed to meet dietary and performance goals.

Often the practice of food tracking is time consuming and error-prone, but what if tracking your nutrition was as simple as capturing a quick video of your meal or snack from your phone? With the complexity of the food we eat, can we train an A.I. system to accurately recognize the food in front of you?

Join our A.I. training to help us find out.

AI Training for Food

We’ve partnered with Passio, a company that specializes in food recognition and nutrition intelligence, to train A.I. systems to better recognize the food humans eat. The Passio technology is focused on combining machine learning with real user input to create an advanced method for nutritional tracking.

A.I. for food identification is relatively new field, and is generally missing wide ethnic and cultural representations of food. In this training we’re aiming to capture the diversity and complexity of the food and drinks you consume each day. This goes far beyond single-ingredient foods like tomatoes, apples and rice to complete dishes, beverages, desserts and packaged foods.

Participation is simple. Each participant will be asked to take a short video of the food and/or beverage that they will be eating. After the A.I. software attempts to categorize and label the food, the user will need to confirm or correct the software’s description. Only the videos along with the food and drink descriptions will be shared with Passio. No additional information to identify the user will be shared.

How It works      

Help change the future of food intelligence simply by capturing what you eat and drink for a month.

  1. Download the app and sign up for the AI Training for Food project. Once accepted, you will receive an email to review and sign the consent form and begin participation.
  2. Join the A.I. Training and capture your meals, snacks, and beverages with the camera on your smartphone for one month.
  3. Confirm that A.I. correctly identified the food or beverage you took a picture of. If it did not, type in the correct name and share your input.
  4. You can earn a maximum of 100 points per day and up to 1,000 points over the course of a month for participating in the A.I. Training for Food. Points can be redeemed in the marketplace for Amazon gift cards.

Gain a better understanding of your health.

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