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The Relationship Between Mood and Health

How do you feel when someone cuts you off in traffic? After a night out with friends? When you make a romantic connection with a new person? While moods may be easy to decipher and predict for a human, it’s been a challenge for computers. Mood can be defined as a short-term emotional state. Whether you are happy, sad or irritable, it typically doesn’t last much longer than a day or two, and it’s a normal part of our day to day experience. Sometimes depending on external or internal forces these mood disturbances can go on for longer periods of time and can lead to mental health disorders. Learning about and predicting moods could ultimately help researchers learn about the relationship between mood, mood disorders and potentially mental health. Other applications could be directing you to an appropriate Telehealth visit.

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The A.I. Training for Mood project involves selecting your current mood and taking a series of six selfie photos of your neutral, happy, sad, calm, surprised, and upset facial expression, once a day for 10 days. We enlist the help of users to verify and improve the predictions our A.I. model makes. It’s important that we train our models to include a diversity of faces so everyone is represented in current and future medical research.

To join the project, visit the app today, go to the research tab and join the A.I. Training for Mood interested list. The project will be open to a limited number of users on a rolling basis.

Users can earn up to 600 orange points towards an Amazon gift card for your participation. Learn more about the A.I. Training for Mood on our blog.

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