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Value your health. your health research companion

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The app makes it easy to collect and aggregate all your health data on your smartphone so you can get insights into your personal health. We make it easy for you to reclaim your medical records, your lab tests, your prescriptions, your genetic tests, and more. You can also track your physical activity, your food intake, and any environmental factors you’ve been exposed to. The app puts a complete picture of your health in the palm of your hands.

Advance research.

By collecting all your data through the companion app, you join a growing community of people who are advancing research and impacting science.

Earn rewards.

When you participate in research through, you’ll earn points in your digital wallet that you can redeem at the marketplace for Gift Cards.

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Personal omics and your health
Consider the field of "personal omics" as an expanded and comprehensive type of medical record based on your daily living. In this video, learn how the environment or "exposome" impacts your health. It's one of nine personal omics you can collect in the app.

Built around privacy

Our AI technologies serve our core values of privacy, ownership, and security to provide you with transparent and safe products.

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