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Accelerating Anthem’s digital-first efforts and growing our leadership team

We all have our own healthcare story - whether managing a chronic condition or helping a Ioved one navigate an illness. It’s often during this journey that you experience firsthand how difficult it is to gain access to the health data and information that give patients and caregivers a full picture of one's health.

It’s what inspired us to create in August 2016 - to unlock the value of health data. 

Not only has the healthcare system been left behind in the digital age, but the proliferation of mobile devices has significantly expanded the body of health data beyond traditional health records. Today, health data is dynamic and includes what impacts our health on a daily basis - all of the health signals, like fitness activity, the food we eat, where we live, the air we breath and the quality of our sleep - these are key to having a full view of your health. 

At we’re focused on breaking down data silos in healthcare that will ultimately increase the pace of innovation and create pathways to better health outcomes. All while retaining the privacy and security of sensitive information. We recognize the critical need for a privacy-first approach in healthcare, and’s enterprise AI offerings – both product and platform solutions – are deployed on cloud-agnostic, zero-trust infrastructure that enables customers like Anthem launch products faster and at lower costs. We go from edge to cloud and from cloud to edge.

Powering Anthem’s digital-first focus

Since we began partnering with Anthem in 2018, we’ve helped power their digital health offerings, implementing both the member-facing features and the backend technologies through our platform and portfolio of privacy-first technologies and AI software services. We are thrilled to expand upon the foundation we have built with Anthem over the past two years, extending our partnership to continue driving personalization of its digital assets and improving value for its users. 

Our ongoing collaboration with Anthem is a testament to our ability to quickly deploy products and provide personalized experiences for members that make an impact. By leveraging technologies such as Edge AI, our offerings place data in the hands of the user while also ensuring privacy, transforming engagement into a mobile and personalized experience in real- time.

For example, as we collectively find ourselves in a time where the pandemic is impacting our daily lives, Anthem has made Serenity, our guided mental health conversational AI companion that helps manage anxiety and depression, as a preferred tool to their COVID recovery response. And as we look to find ways to begin returning to work, Passport, our COVID-19 evaluation tool for safe reentry to the workplace, has been deployed by Anthem to more than 80 customers in 600 locations.

A growing leadership team

As we continue on a path of accelerated growth, we are evolving our leadership team to spearhead these efforts. I am excited to assume the role of CEO where one of my top focuses will be to scale’s enterprise offerings. My co-founder, Walter De Brouwer, has taken on our newly created role of Chief Scientific Officer where he will lead our research, innovation, and engineering efforts to bring the healthcare system into the digital age and, ultimately improve the health of the world’s population faster. These new appointments will join’s leadership team alongside current CTO Akshay Sharma and CFO Greg Kovacic.

We've also brought on Dr. Nirav R. Shah, MD, MPH, as our first Chief Medical Officer to lead the clinical focus and medical research of the platform. As we move further down the path of our mission, the Chief Medical Officer role is crucial to these efforts, and Dr. Shah was a natural choice. He has the knowledge and experience in care transformation from three key perspectives: as a payer, a provider and a regulator. His expertise will be invaluable to us as we continue to accelerate digital transformation in healthcare. These new appointments will join’s leadership team alongside current CTO Akshay Sharma and CFO Greg Kovacic.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, we will continue our work of bringing the healthcare system into the digital age with our growing and talented team. You will see us further build out our enterprise offerings for payers, providers, pharma, and patients organizations, all with a continued focus to improve the lives of others with health data.

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