If You Believe in Data Ownership Using AI and the Blockchain in Healthcare Like We Do, This Is a Big Day for You

Today is a monumental day for anyone who knows how hard and how important it is to scale in healthcare when you are working with people and medical data using AI to achieve personalized outcomes.

This morning we are pushing our public beta live that enables you to collect all your health data on your device for full ownership and to receive health predictions that improve as more data is collected. It is also available for iOS in the App Store.

We have also pushed a first-of-its-kind data trial using AI and the blockchain to predict allergy risks, the results of which could help prevent some allergies or reduce the impact of allergies on hundreds of thousands of people. This data trial is conducted with the support of the world’s largest insurance company, Anthem, who serves more than 74 million people, and with our advisors from Harvard Medical School.

This pioneering 12-month trial is exploring whether AI can be used to predict when people will experience allergy patterns and symptoms. To do so, our team, led by Jeremy Howard, along with advisors Udi Manber and our advisors from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Chirag Patel and Arjun Manrai, will develop a framework for using machine learning to identify predictive models for allergies based upon the phenome (e.g., age, height, weight), exposome (e.g., exposure to weather/pollution based on location), and physiome (e.g., physical activity) data shared by participating Anthem employees and members of the public. Participants will help accelerate research and will also benefit from the system’s personalized health insights.

It is a big day for the AI and blockchain communities and the healthcare industry. However, most of all, we feel like it is a big day for consumers. Data trials like this one are empowering individuals to gain control of their health data and its value, with the choice to provide doctors and researchers with more precise real-world data to predict and change health outcomes.

We are an AI company with the mission to decentralize precision medicine on the blockchain. We believe that in the near future a human biological profile will be consumer-controlled, blockchain-based, AI-powered and omics-data-centric. It will be algorithmic rather than symptomatic, bottom-up rather than top-down, quantitative rather than qualitative.

As we prepare to open the NRN network this fall, future participants in data trials will be remunerated. Today, our data is collected in so many ways and so many places, yet we are not compensated for it. Life data is perhaps the most valuable commodity in the modern world, and it belongs to each of us. It’s time we deliver the value back to the consumer — in more ways than one. team

Full press release here.