Can You Predict Your Health for 2019?

We are in the first week of 2019 - a week that usually involves a pause for reflection and good resolutions.

Health is a key component of success. If you are in good health, you have the energy to plan for the future and execute those plans accordingly. Think about what you really want and where you are heading in your life; you have the capacity to build relationships with your friends and family.

So, taking care of your health is the best gift you can give yourself since your health impacts all areas of your life. However, you can only improve those things that you are aware of, right? We’re entering an era in which knowing and predicting will become dominant factors in businesses and personal lives. The rise of artificial intelligence is indisputable with new and more advanced algorithms increasing the concept of “predictions.”

Why are Predictions Important?

A prediction is a statement about the future, and predictions are widely used. Weather anchors use maps and scientific data to inform us about the possibility of rain, snow, or sunshine. Financial experts use data and financial forecasts to predict market fluctuations and expected positions. Google GPS uses crowd-sourced data to improve the accuracy of its traffic predictions. Amazon predicts what you want to purchase by using data from all your prior activities on their site.

When it comes to health data, the discipline of actuarial science has been used for decades. It is a discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risks very accurately.

However, the development of artificial intelligence and the enormous potential of machine learning algorithms are pushing the healthcare industry to invest heavily in these fields. We are seeing the entire tech industry investing in health and life sciences. Both worlds are converging, but where does that lead you personally?

Your health data is used all the time for these risk assessments, but you don’t always get to see it. Wouldn’t it be useful for you to be able to assess your health based on your own personal data and therefore access your health predictions too? Using your real-world data to generate unique algorithms is a real opportunity for you to own your data and train your own A.I.

Your data is alive; your data is unique and valuable - that is why you should own that data. With, you can do just that.

A Prediction is a Combination of Good Data, Machine Learning, and Domain Expertise

Medical data is very different than any other type of data mentioned above such as traffic or buying habits. Good data and artificial intelligence are not enough; it is crucial to have domain experts involved in each medical field to be able to correctly interpret the models.

The scientific method requires that we create an experiment to test a hypothesis. In turn, is doing this by conducting data trials testing to determine if and how artificial intelligence can predict models about your health when answering questions about specific conditions and when you agree to share your real-world data.

At, we work with top domain experts for each condition addressed in our data trials, and we have a full-time medical doctor working closely with our A.I. team.

What does Prediction mean in Artificial Intelligence?

“Prediction” refers to the output of an algorithm after it has been trained on a historical dataset and applied to new data when attempting to forecast the likelihood of a particular outcome. An algorithm generates probable values for an unknown variable for each record in the new data and identifies what that value will most likely be.

One example in the app is the prediction of how many healthcare visits an individual will have this year.

In this case, the historical dataset comes from the CDC National Center for Health Statistics, and the new data are a result of one’s own data that is imported in such as your phenome (in this case, age specifically). If you import your clinome (your medical record), the prediction becomes better and more personalized. The more you import, the better the prediction. + Predictions

The A.I. powered platform allows an individual to securely and privately collect all information about him or herself in one place. It develops models for the user via the predictions and for the community via the data trials.

As a reminder, your data is alive; it is unique, and it is valuable for the new models it can help build. You should own it.

Start taking care of your health today! Collect your health data securely with, and we will help you turn that data into actionable knowledge.

We wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy new year!

Sam and the team

Sam De Brouwer, Co-founder and C.O.O.