Do You Know How Valuable Your Medical Data Is?

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Why It’s Important to Be Mindful About the Value of Your Data

Imagine you are visiting a doctor and sharing very sensitive information about your health condition. You are sure that this visit is highly confidential, and no one will ever know what you’ve said to your doctor. Examples include diagnosed diseases or your surgical history.

In reality, this information is a multi-billion-dollar business and that information is sold commercially. Data miners and brokers work diligently to aggregate full dossiers on individual patients.

Thanks to advancements in technology, the process has become easier to obtain a full history about a patient without even having a concrete name. It is not surprising that many tricks have been invented to collect as much accurate information as possible since there are billions of dollars involved.

With the internet of things and the variety of 3rd party portals around you, there is a new wave of data that matters as much as the data coming from your medical record. It is all the data coming from your wearables, your pharmacy, all the tests you are ordering such as genetic and more. All that data is organized in a new way called omics.

It is time to take control of your medical data.

How the app Can Help You Own Your Data

With the power of AI, is built with the mission to decentralize precision medicine on the blockchain. We are driven to bring people control over their own medical data thanks to the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies using a data-centric approach. The future of healthcare is taking an algorithmic and predictive path rather than symptomatically-driven qualitative measures.

Unlike other products, we apply a holistic approach. We’ve built an end-to-end ecosystem with precision medicine using AI technology. We are supported by the best people in the industry, including Jeremy Howard, cofounder at and chief science officer at, and our advisors who have helped us leverage our product on an entirely new level.

In our app, we enable people to collect and own all their medical data, which not only includes their medical records but also lab tests and genetic tests. The app also helps users view their drug history, aggregates their physical activity, and includes their microbiome and exposome status and risks. In turn, the consolidation of this information creates an entire picture of their health and delivers the best possible predictive insights of people’s health and longevity.

By applying the omics approach (i.e., collecting genomics information, microbiomics, and so on), we build structured data around a given user using a blockchain to ensure privacy and security.

As a result, this helps to build better machine-learning predictive models. Based on your selfie, our models predict the phenome collection of your biometric data, such as your weight, height, age, sex, and BMI. Over time, by collecting more and more data, we can improve our prediction model to predict future health conditions.

In 2016, ran its first dataset of 1.2 million faces through a deep learning model. Today, we have a new and improved model that helps compute the information from users’ selfies within a few milliseconds on their devices and without an internet connection to reduce latency.

Currently, enables the collection of 8 omics and has launched the first AI powered data trial on the blockchain “Can AI predict your risks for allergies?

Can AI predict Your Risks for Allergies and Help Accelerate Medical Research?

Alongside our advisors at Harvard University, we have started a unique 12-month research program that allows users to predict and efficiently track allergy risks. By sharing key information such as weight, height, and sex to physical activity from a Fitbit or Healthkit, and exposure to air quality and pollen within the research program, participants can learn about their allergy risks and potentially ways to keep them under control.

So far, more than 1,300 participants have enrolled in this data trial in less than 6 weeks, which is impressive for any observational trial. Current participants have already shared their data and are actively tracking their symptoms. These individuals are taking advantage of having access to the best data scientists, doctors and cutting edge tools to help them understand the triggers and patterns of their allergies.

The provided information is condensed into thousands of pieces on the blockchain-based system and is delivered to data scientists to build better predictive models. With the research project, we aim to help individuals own their data, and help accelerate medical research with structured and real-life data to their full benefit. Precisely, the wallet is a new feature in the app with points to help our users measure their activity and the value of their data over time.

We are working on launching the next data trials in our pipeline. These programs include “Can AI predict the most optimal anti-epileptic drug?” approved by Stanford IRB and “Can AI predict the most optimal supplement for Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis?

If you are interested in these data trials, please let us know via , we will reach out to let you know first once ready.

Take advantage of the medical research companion app and become part of our fast-growing community of pioneers in healthcare who want patients to be able to fully control their data. Help accelerate medical research driven by the idea of preventing diseases rather than addressing symptoms and consequences, and engage in mutually beneficial, cutting-edge research in a critical aspect of the medical field.

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