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Today, joins the Linux Foundation as a founding member of their new Public Health initiative, alongside seven Premier members – Cisco,, Geometer, IBM, NearForm, VMware, and Tencent.

The Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) initiative will use open-source software to help public health authorities (PHAs) around the world combat COVID-19 and future epidemics. The LFPH will initially focus on exposure notification applications using the implementation of the Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) system and will be expanding to support all aspects of PHA's testing, tracing, and isolation activities. is proud to be a founding member of this consortium and contribute our deep experience in the digital health ecosystem to better improve open-source software that will help public health authorities around the world combat this and future epidemics. As a digital health company, we realize the critical need for privacy-first infrastructure leading the way in mobile health development and will bring that focus to our work with the Linux Foundation Public Health community.

Our most recent work in privacy-first infrastructure is with Passport, which is available now in both app stores. The app uses mobile edge computations and cryptography to keep sensitive protected health information (PHI) on the device while letting people return to work safely. 

The pandemic has accelerated the process of healthcare companies becoming digital health companies. But soon, every company will become a health company of sorts because life technologies for health and care will become ubiquitous. Privacy-first infrastructure, as displayed in Passport, provides important foundational pieces to help our world adjust to the new normal while preserving privacy.

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