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Health Research at

At, we view health as one big research project. Today when you visit your healthcare provider, the physician takes a look into your health at a specific point in time, but so much of your health depends on what happens between visits, in the real world. Being able to bring that real-life data into the conversation about health is critical for clinical decision making and also with the potential to improve clinical research.

As a doctor, I’ve taken care of many children with asthma and allergies and found that patients and parents often wonder what factors might be triggering symptoms that can contribute to flares and lead to multiple healthcare visits or hospitalizations. The best I can typically offer is to ask patients to keep track of things in the environment that they think could be affecting them. But for patients, figuring out a system for capturing all of this information in an organized fashion and then making sense of it all can seem daunting.

One of the reasons I decided to join was to help advance the tool that picks up where your doctor’s visit leaves off. In addition to providing a health hub to capture medical records and real-life health data, the app provides ways to participate in medical research that’s important to you and your family. Participating in research can lead to new personalized health insights that you and your doctor can take action on.

Your Health Research Hub

Traditionally with health research, people who decide to participate have had to dedicate time to go to physical locations where they’re asked to fill out questionnaires and receive certain tests, however a new movement for digital research is beginning to take place. Now, with your mobile device and services like, you can save time and track information relevant to your health in the comfort of your own home. Think of the app as a health hub for your medical information that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own health care.

With you can participate in two types of research Digital Health Trials and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Training.

Digital Health Trials

Digital Health Trials are research studies developed in collaboration with clinicians, patients, scientists and engineers. Depending on the goal of the research study, the design will include the incorporation of your “Omics” information such as a DNA test or the current medications you take. Throughout the study, participants will be able to track from the ease of your mobile device. currently has open Digital Health Trials for Allergies and Crohn's disease with Epilepsy to come soon.

A.I. Training

A.I. technology is used to look at similarities and patterns in vast amounts of complex information and has the potential to create personalized health insights and suggest next steps for medical research. In order to do this, we need to train A.I. models to be smarter at analyzing information related to your health. By participating in A.I. training you can help improve prediction models and ensure people with similar health profiles as you are represented in research. Read on to learn more about our first A.I. Training for Mood.

When you participate in research with you’ll earn points in your digital wallet which can be redeemed in the marketplace for Amazon cards or other products and services. What’s more, your participation will also benefit the community of individuals with similar health profiles to you once discoveries are made.

Additionally, privacy and security is built into our research design, so when you consent and agree with the terms of the research and you know exactly when, why and for what medical research your data is shared. opens first A.I. Training

To join the project, download the latest version of the app, go to the Research tab and join the A.I. Training for Mood interested list. The project is open to a limited number of users on a rolling basis, so make sure to join soon.

Once you've been selected to participate you’ll receive an email which will prompt you to review and sign the consent form directly in the app. Your A.I. Training for Mood project will be unlocked and you can get started right away with taking your mood selfies.

How to participate

You can earn either 300 points or 600 points towards an Amazon gift card for your participation. The A.I. for Mood project will give you the option to either keep your photos on your device and share an inference, or go one step further and share the photos with our A.I. researchers at to help better train our A.I. models to predict moods. Both options involve secure and private transfer of data, however the latter will enable to improve and correct the model the most accurately.

Once you join the A.I. for mood training, note that it will only be available for 10 consecutive days, so make sure to take selfies each day so you don’t miss out on earning points for that day.

Earn points

As new opportunities to collaborate on research projects become available, we will publish list them in the app. You can view, and sign up for waitlists for upcoming Digital Health Trials and A.I. Trainings under the “Research” tab of the app.

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