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Introducing Genewall - your private genome browser

In recent years we’ve seen an explosion in interest from citizen scientists in learning what DNA can tell us about our families’ and our own ethnic backgrounds, medical conditions, and potential health risks. What we’ll be able to uncover about our health and how our genetic make-up influences it is rapidly advancing – and today is just the beginning. Imagine if we all could collaborate to learn more about how our specific genome defines our traits, disease susceptibility, or even more importantly: accelerating genetic discoveries for rare diseases. To continue to advance health research utilizing the potential of genetics, it will be increasingly important to have tools that put users in control of their health data.

That’s why today, we’re excited to announce the beta version of Genewall - your private genome browser. The Genewall app will help you explore the DNA data that you’ve received from a third-party laboratory to give you a greater understanding of your genetic makeup without your DNA information leaving your phone. Genewall is unique in that it gives you full ownership and control of the entire experience.

Take Genewall for a spin: DOWNLOAD NOW.

Visualize, explore and learn about your genome

Most genome browsers today are mostly used by researchers, however, these browsers can be an incredibly powerful source of information for anyone curious about their DNA. Genewall helps you visualize your DNA through an artistic chromosome browsing tool and it helps you explore in-depth details about each variants found in your genetic code along with the potential health condition(s) associated with those variants. Additionally, just like how you interact with a search engine, Genewall allows you to simply type in a medical condition you’re interested in learning about, for example, diabetes, then view the location of the variant in context of the genome. Genewall also lets you browse medical research related to that condition.

Ancestry estimates and comparison

With a simple, time-limited QR code, you can securely compare ancestry estimates with your relatives to understand which parts of your DNA came from various regions of the world. All of the technology to make this possible takes place from your phone to the phone of the person with whom you choose to share your data. This privacy-preserving technology approach is more commonly referred to as “edge artificial intelligence.”

Compare carrier status for common conditions

Knowing your carrier status can be valuable because it could tell you if you carry a variant for a disease that could be passed onto future generations. With the same time-limited QR code in Genewall, you can see how your carrier status for common conditions compares to that of your significant other and loved ones. You can also view detailed explanations of each condition.

Health ranges based on your phenome and people like you

Take a simple selfie with your phone’s camera to capture your phenotypic information (observable characteristics, such as height, weight, and sex). From this information, Genewall provides insights about known risks associated with health features like cholesterol levels and many others. You can view which conditions are more likely to be influenced by environment or lifestyle factors, and vice versa. For example, alcohol flush reaction is currently considered to be influenced solely by genetics whereas hypertension (high blood pressure) is influenced 49% by genetics and 51% by lifestyle factors.

Genetic counseling resources

The results displayed in Genewall represent a small portion of your genetics. Your health and wellness is impacted by other genetic variation and environmental changes, both known and unknown. This means any health concerns displayed by Genewall only represent a portion of your traits, risk for disease, and other physical conditions. Also keep in mind that it can only provide readings for the portions of DNA provided by your DNA test provider.  If you need more explanation about your results, we suggest contacting your physician or a genetic specialist such as a genetic counselor. Learn more about the role of a genetic counselor and examples of questions you might ask here.

We hope you enjoy using this new tool on your health journey. Download the beta app today and learn more about yourself and the ones you love by comparing your genomic information.


I have not taken a DNA test. Can I still use Genewall?

Absolutely. Within the app you can explore the human genome with a sample dataset.

Which DNA files do you accept?

We currently accept DNA data files from Ancestry and 23andme.

How do I contact support?

We love to hear your feedback! You can reach us at Keep in mind that because your experience in the app is completely private, we will not be able to log in to your account, but we can help troubleshoot any basic issues you encounter.

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