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Medical Data Liquidity: Giving Power Back to People Over Their Health Data

Much like any other industry in the modern world, the healthcare industry is growing rapidly with health data doubling every 73 days. That raises a very important question about storing and sharing the data. From hospital records to wearables and devices to insurance companies, medical and health data is stored in different places and formats that don’t effectively collaborate with each other to build a unified way to use data to deliver healthcare. Moreover, while they benefit from the accumulation of data, the people who actually share their health data don’t always have access to it and aren’t gaining anything from the data they generate.

Just like every wall has a silo behind it, the medical industry also has to have a proper data storage system in place. And it’s only possible if medical and health data is made accessible. But what prevents access to that medical data is that it’s not ‘liquid’. It doesn’t allow its own producers to benefit from it.

Data brokers make billions of dollars just selling people’s health data, but why are those people not gaining anything from their shared data?

This is a question that is willing to answer. We strive to build a holistic approach and connect the dots by making health-related data liquid. And our app is specially designed to do just that!

In this one-of-a-kind app, you can store all kinds of real-world data about your health – from your environmental conditions, medications and supplements you take, to your genome, microbiome, lab test results, and much more.

You health data is an asset and you should be rewarded for sharing it

At, we truly understand the value of your health data. Not only do we think that it is incredibly valuable, but we also believe that you should benefit from the data you collect in the app. The app lets you create a full profile of your health in one place. When we were designing the app, one of our main areas of concern was the security and privacy of your health data. When you use the app, you can rest assured that your health data will be stored securely and privately and is stored on your device and doesn’t leave your phone.

We want you to use your data exactly how it should be used – as an asset. You can share your health data and get rewarded for it with redeemable points at the marketplace that is currently growing.

You can get reedemable points by sharing your health data through’s growing marketplace. Today you can redeem your points for Amazon cards, but we’d love to hear your opinion on what benefits and rewards you’d like to see in the marketplace. With this medical data liquidity project, envisions an ecosystem that highlights and truly reflects the true value of health data. We want you to realize how your health data can be an inexpensive investment.

According to a CNBC report, medical bills are the biggest cause of bankruptcies in the U.S. This is clearly a disaster for a health industry that is meant to serve people. Our primary goal is to change this paradigm by allowing people to gain control over the healthcare system.

The marketplace that we’re building revolves around enabling people to share their health data safely and to support medical research.

You may not realize this, but your medical and health data has the power to help medical professionals solve big, complicated problems. This can be a huge contribution to the medical field and we want you to get rewarded for it! From Amazon gift cards to free lab tests, there is a wide range of benefits that we’re working on implementing in our marketplace.

Building a healthcare marketplace

We can’t stress enough that your health data is much more valuable than you may realize. By sharing your health data via the app, you can help us create a unique and much-needed health management ecosystem that puts the power in your hands. We are building the marketplace, an exchange between you and the scientific community for you to become part of the research.

For all of us with chronic conditions with no cure or uncertain treatment, it can feel like our health is a big research project.

The following are some key features of our medical data liquidity initiative:

Ethical Regulations

The app is HIPPA compliant guaranteeing optimal privacy and security of your health data. Aligning our policies and procedures with ethical regulations of GDPR, we aim to ensure ethical treatment and use of people’s health data.

Advanced Data Processing

We see health data doubling every 73 days. It won’t only come from medical records but also from the real world – devices, wearables, and voice apps. Moreover, 5G will provide us with even more real-world health data by extracting data from us. Considering this, we understand the need for efficient data management and processing. Therefore, we have implemented advanced technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), to make sense of all the information coming in at a fast rate.

Fair Compensation

We don’t want to see people struggling with medical bills in the U.S. anymore. This is why we’re so dedicated to building a marketplace featuring medical data liquidity where people get fairly compensated for sharing their health data. has taken the first step to promote a safe medical data liquidity marketplace. Stand with us and get fairly rewarded for securely sharing your medical data!

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