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Passport: Reduce Your Risk and Liability with a Privacy-First Return to Work Solution

COVID-19 has accelerated conversation and innovation around health data and privacy. As more and more applications have launched to address contract tracing, testing and returning to work, employers are left asking tough questions about the liability of handling personal health data.

How do you put privacy first for everyone?

Employers are struggling with reluctance to return to work, and the myriad demands that come with it. As businesses try to get back to offices and worksites, there are numerous difficulties that they face. This is the first in a series of blog posts that will examine the challenges of returning to work, and offer potential solutions through Passport.

Reduce Risk:

In an effort to speed up the return to work process, many businesses have gone old school, using clipboards and paper waivers at each physical location to ask employees to participate in state and CDC questionnaires. Employers carry an increased risk by both handling that sensitive personal health information, and by handing it in a non-software first solution. Employees in turn, want to know that information about their health status is kept safe and private. All of a sudden, employers are being expected to deal with HIPAA compliance and data retention policies.

Using Passport reduces an employer’s risk by ensuring that none of the responses to a health questionnaire are ever shared with the employer or with As an industry leader in how to safely handle personal health data, has deployed our edge computing technology to ensure that the data never leaves an employee’s smartphone. Employers are not placed in the difficult situation of invading employee privacy either, as the Passport Dashboard only shows administrators whether employees were cleared or not.

Passport takes minutes to get up and running. Sign up for a demo, or register your organization at this link. Get your passport for a COVID-19 world.

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