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Passport: Return to work easily and efficiently

Passport is a ready-to-use return to work solution for employers of all sizes. With an intuitive self-attestation app and a powerful administrator dashboard, Passport allows your team to return to the work with ease. At, our team has focused on building a plug-and-play solution that doesn’t require complex technical integrations or engineering resources, but instead, allows you to safely and efficiently manage your team’s return to the workplace. 

Plug and Play

When getting back to work, it’s difficult to pull together the engineering and administrative resources to build your own return to work solution. With requirements around personal health information and data privacy, it’s even more difficult to ensure that the product your team is using is compliant. Passport by can be deployed in a matter of hours, if not minutes. There is no custom or engineering work required to use Passport as an employer, and employees are able to use a widely available Android or iPhone app.

No Contact

By relying on a software-only solution, employers using Passport are ensuring the safety of their employees with a no-contact solution. Self-attestation results are available on the administrator dashboard, allowing those involved in managing COVID compliance to maintain social distancing. 

Once employees finish their health survey in the Passport app and are cleared, they receive a QR code. This QR code can be scanned at an entry point of your work location to give employees a contactless check-in experience. 

Analytics & Export Tools

One key component of Passport’s commitment to an efficient return to work strategy is easy analytics and reporting for HR managers and COVID compliance officers. Using the Analytics tab on the dashboard, administrators can easily export a list of valid and invalid check-ins, without receiving private employee health data.

Managing the administration of Passport is a breeze as well. In a few clicks, you can invite other administrators to your dashboard to help manage different locations and employee groups. Our five-step employer and employee onboarding process is easy to understand and share with your team, so you can focus on helping transition your employees back into the workplace.

Passport by makes it possible for companies to return to work efficiently. If you’re interested in hearing more, request a demo.

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