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Passport: your digital health signature

As we collectively look for ways to return to our “new normal,” we need tools to help us safely reconnect in shared physical spaces, whether it's work or social settings. In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we’ve developed a COVID-19 Symptom Tracker, released tools to help you balance your mind and mood in the Serenity app, and opened an at-home COVID-19 antibody trial to advance research. 

Today, we’re excited to announce we’ve also collaborated with Anthem to release Passport, your digital health signature. The app is now available through the App Store and Google Play.

Passport makes it possible for anyone within the U.S. to log their health symptoms based on CDC guidelines through a simple daily survey. The survey generates an encrypted QR code to clear entry to physical space. Your responses stay on your phone and are never shared with an employer or administrator. They will only know whether or not you're granted access for re-entry. Passport is made for use in accordance with CDC, state, and county guidelines.

When the time is right at your location, we hope this tool helps you to return to work, community, and social life with greater confidence.

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