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Serenity Clinical Builder for Telehealth and Telemedicine empowers clinicians with the tools and resources to deliver digital care materials with ease and at scale. Serenity Clinical Builder by is a first-of-its-kind publishing tool for behavioral health professionals, enabling them to rapidly build and deploy clinical care materials to individuals throughout the patient journey. The rise in the need for telehealth and telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased demand for digital, personalized behavioral health solutions. Serenity Clinical Builder allows telehealth companies to meet that demand with a software solution that is elegant, modern and scalable.

What is Serenity Clinical Builder? 

Serenity Clinical Builder consists of a first-of-its-kind protocol building and publishing tool for telehealth companies, which allows clinicians to build mental health protocols in a matter of days. They can also draw from the Clinical Builder library, which contains pre-scripted clinical protocols and tool scripts, including CBT-based protocols for Managing Depression, Generalized Anxiety, and Reducing Excessive Alcohol Use.

Meet the growing demand for behavioral health

Approximately 66% of employers are offering behavioral health services through their health insurance carrier. Serenity Clinical Builder allows any telehealth or telemedicine company to add a scalable, conversational AI component to their offerings to meet that demand. For companies that already offer virtual therapy appointments, Serenity Clinical Builder allows them to widen their reach by allowing patients to engage via chat at the triage stage and in-between appointments. With the growing demand for behavioral health solutions among employers, it’s critical to choose a tool that allows a telehealth company to provide a unique, branded and scalable experience.

Increase retention and engagement

Clinical Builder meets the telehealth market where it’s already thriving - in the palms of patient’s hands, on their smartphones. Clinical Builder provides telehealth companies and their clinicians with a growing library of existing clinical protocols to customize and deploy. Coupled with’s industry leading AI stack and conversational AI modules for mobile devices, telehealth and telemedicine companies can be armed with tools that increase retention and engagement among patients. That increased retention evolves the relationship between telehealth providers and patients from transactional to relational, and can lay the foundation for more productive health outcomes.

In healthcare, making a case for improving outcomes and cost savings is critical. Using the Insights tool on the Dashboard, clinicians can also see the outcomes that matter to them, including enrollment, utilization and the relative performance and popularity of protocols published.

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