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The Omics of You: Empower Yourself with Your Health Data

Learning about your unique omics health information goes far beyond knowing your genetic makeup, your family medical history, and your personal medical background. Consider omics as an expanded and comprehensive type of medical record based on your daily living. With the increasing popularity of DNA tests, you can now also discover the particulars of your gut (microbiomics), your proteins (proteomics) and your environment (exposomics), among many other omics. While understanding your genes and your genetic predisposition for certain health conditions remains important, understanding the integral role of the rest of your omics data is the next chapter.

Today, many types of omics can be captured with your mobile phone. You can collect the data — like your mood, by snapping a selfie, or your current location’s level of air pollution, by downloading an app — and work to make sense of how they influence your health with the help of artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology. currently uses A.I. to draw inferences from an abundance of health information. Over time, even more insights will become available.

A.I. is useful because it can draw inferences about your health from the vast data churned out by these myriad omics. For example, one day in the future you might receive a visualized report showing that when you eat a certain food, your stomach becomes upset, or that your allergies tend to act up in the morning or during a specific season, which could indicate the source of your irritation. These pieces of information, all in one spot, can begin to reveal patterns in your health that you can discuss with your medical provider.

Currently, healthcare is not so comprehensive. Imagine you begin experiencing mild chest pains. Typically, you would schedule an appointment with your doctor, who would then conduct a series of tests, including blood tests and an electrocardiogram of your heart. Your doctor would also ask you about other possible symptoms and then consider your age, physical qualities, family history, and your personal medical history in order to arrive at a diagnosis and a treatment.

In the near future, your physician might consider additional factors, such as perhaps several of your personal omics (called multi-omics). For example, your genomics might show that you are predisposed to early heart failure. Your exposomics could reveal you live in an area with low walkability, which could contribute to obesity. Your microbiomics might cause you to react to certain medications, which could affect your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Drawing insights from your omics using A.I. is incredibly exciting because it has the potential to not only unlock answers to age-old health problems, but it also allows you to feel more empowered about your health — and your health data. Furthermore, once your information is in a single health research hub, you can work with your clinician directly to help him or her better identify and predict disease, make personalized lifestyle recommendations, or choose a more precise treatment.

Digital Health Trials with omics

By using as your health research hub, you can participate in scientific and medical research that’s useful to you, and be rewarded for it. We have ongoing research and pilot studies that include those for allergies and Crohn’s disease, and Epilepsy.

To participate, users provide their omics data — that has been de-identified — by opting-in to share specific medical information with researchers. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with participants’ omics data, researchers can accelerate answers to medical research questions and potentially build predictive models to advance medicine. This benefits you and others with similar health profiles.

On a personal level, collecting your personal omics data in our health research hub can provide you with a more individualized and comprehensive view of your health. Overtime, as our AI technology gets smarter, it will connect key points in your data to identify trends. And with that, it might be possible to receive personalized recommendations that will fully maximize the power of your health data for you, and generations to come.

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