Welcoming New Members to the Family!

Working on hard problems requires talent along with a desire to do something meaningful. I love going to work every day because it is the team that keeps me excited - new ideas, fresh perspectives, tangible output, and having an impact on people's lives. A very high signal-to-noise ratio in life.

This new year my happiness quotient has gone up as we add some incredible talent to our growing team. I love the energy they bring to healthcare. There is almost a common underlying theme with all of us here at - "In the past I have worked on challenging problems, but there is an inherent value and meaning to do it in healthcare given the current state of the union". One cannot ask for more!

Mobile along with sensors is the future of consumer healthcare. Patients are becoming data engines, and bringing well-crafted tools to the market for all of us to build up our "health vault" is deep to's mission.

I welcome Aria Vaghef, Steven Li, and Jonathan Kolyer to our team to work on our mobile and edge platforms - building up our AI modules as we go along. Under the stewardship of Steven Chand our frontend, mobile and edge computing teams are an exciting place to be. We ship features on a weekly basis, and will give something new to our users frequently.

Producing tangible AI requires building good deep learning and machine learning infrastructure as well as building tools that simplify data scientists workflows. I am super stoked to welcome Frederick Kautz as our Head of Edge AI Infrastructure. Frederick comes from Redhat where he built several distributed system including many open source frameworks and tools that you might be using! Frederick - looking forward to building the next chapter of's AI strategy.

One thing has afforded me is to identify and work with my friends. There is no substitute for trust. There is often talk about 10x programmer (which I think is BS), but I will advocate that there is a 10x boost with a wolf pack. Crafting software is inherently a social activity and requires deep collaboration across people and teams. The free currency for this is colleagues and peers you have worked with in the past. Removing key anti-patterns like "layers of product management hierarchy" and having good patterns like "decentralized decision making with synching the weights on vision across people and teams" is one of the best way (so far) that I have seen how we can make rapid progress. On that long note, I welcome my friend, colleague and one of the most diligent minds I have come across - Yuri Subach to Yuri has built distributed systems for many years and is drawn back to the allure of healthcare. Yuri - looking forward to building meaningful stuff with you again :).

As we see the proliferation of AI into our daily lives it becomes important to understand its impact its and mechanics. This is even more important in healthcare as we see the value chain moving towards consumers. Part of the AI research is to understand the benefits and risks of AI, as well as explain it in human terms. I welcome Sophia Arakelyan to the team. She comes from Open.AI and will help articulate our AI research and technologies to a broader audience. Sophia - hoping to make good progress on our AI research and understanding its impact :).

As we build rich data profiles for the user, the key to build personalization is understanding the data better. Bioinformatics is a very interesting field as we see the growth of the multi omics data for the users. Combining them in interesting ways and building interpretation is the research is investing quite deeply in. We welcome Sandra Steyaert to our family. Sandra is a bioinformatics researcher and will be working on our poly omics research.

With a team like this we hope to touch many lives, helping people get healthy and have a positive outcome. Wishing you all a Happy New "AIear"!