What is Corporate America Doing with Blockchain and AI?

“ …AI for product diversification, finding new ways for growth, and really finding new opportunities for business model innovation...”

At our first conference, Deloitte shared their strategic vision about the disruptive opportunities provided by blockchain and AI. Rajeev Ronanki, Principal for Cognitive Technologies and Healthcare Innovation at Deloitte, addressed the practical aspects of integrating these new technologies within the ecosphere of entrenched Fortune 100 clients.

He emphasized that rather than trying to invent and reinvent the wheel themselves, Deloitte’s leadership has vetted several startups and has chosen to align with them to directly engage customers in the effective creation of syndicates to rapidly prototype and adopt disruptive technologies within their ecosystems to accelerate rate of acceptance and implementation.

As we previously reported is one of these companies. Deloitte embraced’s mission to crowdsource the training of AI on an individual and personalized basis with an expectation of great strides forward in 2018.

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