What is a Data Trial?

The Problems

If you’ve never had a serious health issue, you may be unaware of the 30 million people in the US with undiagnosed diseases. You may also be unaware that the third leading cause of death in the US is medical errors.

For those who are critically or chronically ill, exorbitant medical bills add to their stress. In fact, the number one cause of personal bankruptcy in the US is not rampant credit card spending or housing debt — it’s medical bills.

The healthcare system has not only become unfixable but it has resulted in people making unhealthy choices and is ultimately turning them into medical and financial refugees.

Health Economics

While it is a 3 trillion dollar industry, the healthcare system cannot meet unmatched needs. It is in search of new and better models moving towards value-based care for better quality and better outcomes.

The health economics of personal medical data is currently inefficient because clinical research is a slow and costly process with data of a particular type often fragmented across many different parties.

Your health data is valuable, and it is even more valuable in its breadth and scope

Health data collected over time and analyzed in large quantities can yield unprecedented value not only for you but for the scientific community. The idea of providing people with the ability to have control over their medical assets, and scientists the ability to solve pressing medical problems at scale, might be possible because of the convergence of precision medicine (or the multi-omics data approach), AI and blockchain.

One important aspect of our platform is that we put individuals in control of their data. They decide when to share by participating in a data trial via an explicit opt-in, and the data is de-identified for data scientists to build predictive models. Enabled Data Trials

Today, our health data lives are all over the place — with payers, providers, physicians, pharmacists, and governments. It is fragmented and hard to access. We blindly trust those who own our personal information and medical records, but in reality our data is sold to third parties and our records are hacked.

At we have built a platform to enable data trials. We have created a decentralized multi-party life science platform that connects real-world data at large scale and streamlines collaborations between participants, research sponsors and the global community of data scientists that utilize deep learning algorithms to achieve more precise predictive modeling of complex diseases. It is designed for the value to be re-distributed directly to you. We do this because it is your data and we think you should have control over it.

Bottom-up Data Trials

Imagine a world where you could participate in crowd-backed data trials, allow your data to be securely shared using a “smart contract”, unleash AI-powered predictions with the assurance that your holistic circumstances have been taken into account, and earn financial incentives for your efforts, all while advancing the healthcare of generations to come.

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