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An AI proposal to predict the best AE drug from Dr. Robert Fisher, MD, PhD; access to our early beta of the app; more open-sourced code on Github!

Using AI to predict Anti Epileptic Drugs

Last Monday was #EpilepsyAwarenessDay and Dr. Robert Fisher, MD. Ph.D. Professor, Director of the Epilepsy Center and EEG Lab at Stanford Medical School gave a talk at our conference last January where he shared his proposal to use Artificial Intelligence to help predict the best anti epileptic drug for people with seizures, because, and we quote,

“Doctors are guessing and you are gambling.”

More code on Github

Developers, make your mark, it is happening now.

We have released more code on our github and we’ll continue to release more code in the coming weeks. Right now there are a few ways we can collaborate:

What type of health data would you like to work on? Our architecture can help you add new data sources on the Neuron Network because it is built like an app store. Check our Node.js library that has all required interfaces to quickly build a Neuron app for the neuron platform here:

Are you interested in the impact of the environment and exposomics on our health? only covers the US right now, you can help with other countries.

Are you interested in smart contracts and the Neuron? We’re planning to experimenting and test with the Neuron ($NRN) on a local net before it goes live. We’ll share more at our next meeting Wednesday 25th April (location TBD) but mark your calendar.

You can also join us on Google Groups and Gitter.

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