What is $NRN (Neuron)?

Our token sale successfully closed last October 2017. Specific questions about our securities offering can be addressed to

We are entering a world where artificial intelligence, natural language processing and the tokenized economy have the potential to bring unmatched benefits to healthcare. We have been working on converging these three in one infrastructure and one currency: the $NRN (Neuron).

The Neuron (NRN) tokens give access to the AI network and reward the users with tokens for training their AI. With these tokens they can broadcast a competition on NEURON and create a bounty (prize) for data scientists. When these succeed in building a prediction model that provides unique insights into the proposed personal quantified biology profile, they win the prize.

With the help of this technology layer we are launching our first product, a decentralized artificial intelligence platform. enables anyone to participate in data trials, earn financial compensations by training their own AI, and receive personalized health insights on genomic, pharmacogenomic, exposomic, anatomical data as well as sensor-based wellness features and hematology.

The convergent collection of life data, the subsequent classification and the prediction models can be the first step to a documented preventive way of life where health is no longer a discrete but becomes a continuous function and the medical information chain shifts from a seller’s to a buyer’s market.

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