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What are OMICS?

You and I are unique data cubes made up of pools of cellular molecules or Bio-OMICS. The word “OMICS” indicates the study of a body of information and refers to the fields of biology ending in-omics such as genome, proteome, microbiome, exposome. Precision Medicine that is a new approach  for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in the field of omics.

The omics revolution began to characterize individual fundamental things, such as genes, proteins, or small metabolites, and study their interactions with each other.

Personal Omic-based data leads to identification and prediction of health conditions. Recent advances in computing power, things will evolve to provide the cause on a molecular basis and achieve more precise modeling of complex diseases. Omic-based data enables valuable health information to be fluid across the spectrum of machine learning algorithms and standardized in computing transmission. Moreover, it removes subjective self-reported process from clinical decision making that are usually lower in validity and reliability.

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    Phenome My Biometrics
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    Microbiome Bacteria
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    Physiome Vital Signs
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    Genome Family & Gene
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    Clinome Diagnostics
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    Exposome Environment
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    Proteome Lab Tests
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    Pharmacome Medications & Vaccine
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    Sociome Social & Community

Why are OMICS important?

Genomics is changing medicine, providing insights into the diagnosis of cancer and rare disease. What might other “OMICS” reveal?  Genomic, proteomics combined with other clinical omic data such as clinome, pharmacome, and microbiome can help pinpoint risks and target interventions. Other omics about activity, social interaction and environmental aspects of daily living will become critical inputs to our ability to the overall health of a population. Future healthcare is moving to integrative personal OMICS approach that leads us toward precision medicine.

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The Phenomic selfie2BMI project:

A selfie contains data that could help guide decisions about your health. We’ve trained our algorithm with millions of faces, but it still has a lot to learn about human diversity.

Join us to take a selfie to view your gender, age, height & weight. This helps make AI more inclusive and build better technology for healthcare!

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The Exposomics Project

We want to make it easier for everyone to generate their exposome-their entire life's exposure to air quality, water contamination and environmental pressures in minutes.

This is a huge endeavor with a massive opportunity to understand factors that contribute to diseases and deteriorate our health. Today we are asking developers and scientists to build the pieces and debug the code.

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