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Accelerate clinical research

Self-service, mobile-first clinical studies

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Design, deploy, manage, and analyze mobile studies

Today, anyone with a smartphone can be a researcher. Omix is a proprietary digital clinical research platform with a companion mobile research app that makes it easy to launch participant-centric digital health studies.

Capturing the value of health data

We leverage all components of a smartphone including voice, pictures, video, and text to increase participant engagement. Learn about the types of data we can import for medications, environment, physical activity and more.

Why Omix?

Omix is a self-service clinical research platform, empowering researchers to conduct next generation research at scale.

Cut time and effort to develop and run virtual clinical studies.

Reduce costs with a seamless, repeatable, mobile study experience.

Activate your research with innovative data acquisition modules.

Participant-centric design

Our consent-based digital health studies empowers individuals with their health data by providing easy data capture and tracking, points redeemable for Amazon Gift Cards, and an end of study individualized report. Learn more about our early studies for allergies, epilepsy, congestive heart failure and more.

Omix studies

Privacy-preserving technologies

Privacy and security is by design in all our products, which are explicitly consent and opt-in based as well as compliant with state-of-the -art healthcare regulations. is at the forefront of privacy-preserving solutions. We’ve deployed edge A.I. models in which the computation takes place where the data is captured, as well as federated learning, a distributed machine learning approach that uses differential privacy.

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