Health data doubles every 73 days.

Our artificial intelligence gives sense to data. Our marketplace enables its exchange.

We have an unprecedented technological stack enabling a real-world, longitudinal and multi-omics approach to healthcare.

What we do for our partners

  • payer image


    A.I. modules for value-based healthcare and personalized products & services

  • pharma image


    Acceleration of trial operations with optimal recruitment, engagements, and retention

  • provider image


    Efficient and compliant tools for integrating medical care and research

  • patient foundation image

    Patient Organizations

    Frictionless collaboration between patients, clinicians, and researchers

Our A.I. stack

  • Computer Vision

    Neural nets gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos.

  • Federated Cloud Learning

    Machine learning which privately and securely trains models without sharing the underlying data.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Linguistic intelligence extracts meaning from unstructured data.

  • Smart Validation

    Automated semantic verification and validation of health data.

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