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Check your health status before returning to work.

Passport: your private health signature

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Manage your health status.
Go back to work or school.
Resume social activities.

Passport is a private health signature using cryptographic security for a safe return to your work, community, and social life. Securely share your health status with others so you can pick up where you left off!

Manage your health status.

Passport collects your health info through a simple, daily survey and generates an encrypted QR code – your digital health signature. Your responses to the survey stay on your phone – and are never shared with the administrator of the location you enter. They’ll only know whether or not you’re granted access to enter based on their requirements.

Go back to work or school.

Check if your health status, location, and administrator guidelines qualify you to return to your job, school, or anywhere that you share spaces with others. The Passport app will also help you stay on top of health-related office or school closures.

Resume social activities.

Passport lets you share your health status with friends, community and church groups, sports teams – even stores where you’d like to shop. (Note that Passport should be used in accordance with CDC, state, and county guidelines.)

Are you an employer?

Employers, community administrators, and business owners can configure the Passport app with a customizable dashboard.

*Note that Passport should be used in accordance with CDC, state, and county guidelines.

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Start your journey back to work, school, and your social life with the Passport app.

Available on Android and iOS

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Built around privacy

Our AI technologies serve our core values of privacy, ownership, and security to provide you with transparent and safe products.

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The app is based on employee declarations and assumes the information they provide is accurate. The Passport app is not a healthcare provider and the information provided is not intended for medical diagnosis, guidance, advice, or treatment. Any health concerns employees or community members have should be addressed with their healthcare providers.  9-1-1 should be dialed for any medical emergency.