Check your health status before returning to work.

Passport: private health signature

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Health status verification
Cryptographic security
Full customization

Passport is a secure, customizable app that helps employers, community administrators, and individuals on their journey back to the workplace and everyday life. With COVID-19, we expect to see peaks and valleys in outbreaks, and the Passport digital signature is a tool that ensures a safer return. Getting Passport for your organization now will help you plan ahead and be prepared.

Cryptographically secure and privacy-preserving

Passport is designed to help get your teams back to shared physical spaces, promptly, effectively, and while preserving their privacy. Once an individual completes their health survey declaration, the app generates a simple, time-limited, and encrypted QR code and Passport signature, which is cryptographically signed. For an added measure of identification, users provide a headshot. The Passport app securely stores private information such as health symptoms on the individual’s phone.

Fully customizable dashboard to manage your teams’ re-entry

The Passport app uses your requirements and your employee’s self-attestation to allow entry to a physical space. Configure your dashboard to manage your workforce or community in a matter of minutes without IT management or required integrations. You can create your own re-entry rules or use CDC and/or local guidelines and set up rules for different locations.

Health status verification

Through a digital badging system, employees or community members can securely check if the combination of their location, COVID-19/flu status, and official guidelines make them ready to go back to the workplace or share spaces with others. Daily check-ins are made easy through the smartphone app, which incorporates CDC and employer-customized guidelines by work location. Individuals will know before they come to a physical gathering whether they are approved to enter. Administrators may also alert employees or community members of emergency office closures.


Manage a staged return-to-work plan of action.

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Safely reopen your business to consumers.

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Community administrators

Clear your members for safe in-person gatherings.

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Manage your health status so you can safely return to work, school, and social activities.

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Built around privacy

Our A.I. technologies serve our core values of privacy, ownership, and security to provide you with transparent and safe products.

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The app is based on employee declarations and assumes the information they provide is accurate. The Passport app is not a healthcare provider and the information provided is not intended for medical diagnosis, guidance, advice, or treatment. Any health concerns employees or community members have should be addressed with their healthcare providers.  9-1-1 should be dialed for any medical emergency.