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Get back to work and business safely.

Passport: return to work solution

Manage the reopening of your businesses from one dashboard.

Passport is a secure, customizable app and dashboard that helps employers and communities navigate their journey back to the workplace.

Each workplace is unique.

Start with the CDC guidelines, then customize specific rules for each of your work locations.  When an employee checks in, the app generates a digital badge that’s valid for 24 hours.

Get real-time analytics.

Follow your employees’ status in real time by viewing successful badge check-ins.

A seamless experience

To get started with Passport, your employees simply download the app and complete their health survey declaration. The app generates a simple, time-limited, QR code that’s cryptographically signed.

Available on both Android & iOS

Completely plug & play

Configure your dashboard to manage your workforce or community in a matter of minutes without IT management or required integrations.

Privacy comes first.

Passport, like all products, is designed to preserve the privacy of all users. The Passport app securely stores private information, such as health symptoms, on the individual’s phone. Only the health status, not data, is shared with the employer.

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Manage a staged return-to-work plan of action.

Community administrators

Clear your members for safe in-person gatherings.


The app is based on employee declarations and assumes the information they provide is accurate. The Passport app is not a healthcare provider and the information provided is not intended for medical diagnosis, guidance, advice, or treatment. Any health concerns employees or community members have should be addressed with their healthcare providers.  9-1-1 should be dialed for any medical emergency.