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There is no research
without you.

Your health is one continuous research project.

Our health is like a wave with ups and downs.

Our health is one organic, ever-evolving science project. From the day we are born, our health and the environment we live in is constantly changing. The conditions we develop, the medications we take, what and how we eat, our physical activity, how we feel, all the social determinants of our health. All these things impact us. Isn't it time to learn how?

Capturing all these events could help us all research and understand how these factors impact ourselves and our communities more precisely.

Fighting to get a diagnosis or being diagnosed with a serious condition can transform your health into one big research project by propelling you into a new state of normal that turns you into a researcher. Overnight you have to become your best advocate. You have to learn a whole new language, educate yourself, and evaluate treatments with your clinicians.

Imagine if we could securely capture and process all that learning on your own smartphone in real time and we could turn it into actionable insights to better shape the future of your health.

That's what we're making possible at

Anyone with a smartphone can be a researcher.

We are entering a world in which 10,000 health studies will run concurrently, where individuals can crowdsource or join health research projects personally important to them from their smartphones, and where all stakeholders will work together to increase lifespans and redistribute knowledge and value.

This world is ready for you to be a part of. If you have a smartphone, you can participate in our digital health trials and our efforts to better represent all populations and help build the health algorithms for our communities and generations to come.

Boil the ocean.

Recent research shows that the health data the world is generating is doubling every 70 days. All of that data is overwhelming and not always easy to understand, even for clinicians and researchers.

However, the tools to capture, process, make sense of the data, and make it actionable are now available at scale. But it's important to ensure that the data collection happens with the best privacy-preserving techniques available.

User privacy comes first.

Data transparency, security, and privacy are the core pillars of any data contribution or exchange at

This means users decide whether their data is kept private, given value, or securely shared for research.

We adhere to a strict opt-in- and consent-based policy and are developing privacy-preserving techniques including edge A.I. and federated learning using differential privacy.

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Serenity is your mental health companion with clinically validated tests, therapies, and coping tools.
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