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Privacy Center

Your health. Your data. Your choice.

Your privacy comes first.

Our technologies serve our core values of privacy, ownership, and security to provide people with transparent and safe solutions and products.

From day one, respect for user privacy has been a core value in all the products and services we design. 

We respect your personal information and your personal choice and we provide transparent and safe ways to help you to collect, and manage your data and participate in digital health trials and A.I. training projects, and receive personal health insights. We implement multiple data protection safeguards and comply with state-of-the-art health privacy regulations. is at the forefront of privacy-preserving solutions in digital healthcare. We develop and implement a toolkit of technologies including de-identification, encryption, and edge computing (where your data never leaves your phone). One of the newer techniques we're working on is “federated learning,” a distributed machine learning approach that uses differential privacy to allow millions of people to train new health algorithms on their phones where only the model learnings are shared, not the data.


Your data belongs to you and what you decide to do with it is up to you alone.


Your data sharing options are always transparent.


You decide whether your data is kept private, given value, or securely shared for research.