Participate in an at-home COVID-19 antibody trial

At-home antibody tests have the potential of lightening the load on the healthcare system by testing people at home to verify exposure while maintaining social distancing and protecting essential workers. 

While this antibody approach is consistent with other viruses and COVID-19, this is still a theoretical assumption due to the novel nature of the virus in humans. For example, even if your body has antibodies to COVID-19, that does not necessarily mean you are protected from the disease. 

The COVID-19 at-home blood test sponsored by Vessel Health, Inc. and designed to be submitted to the FDA, will give scientists a better understanding of COVID-19 epidemiology and help get people back to work.

Participant Activity

To better understand the human factors and the usability of this at-home COVID-19 blood test, you will be asked to collect data from on your phone and provide approximately one drop of blood on the immunoassay test card. You’ll also participate in a video chat session on your laptop/desktop/tablet and complete a final survey on your phone afterwards.

Participant Requirements

  • You have taken nasal swab (PCR) test for COVID-19 test and received either positive or negative results
  • You have the ability to virtually share results through the app
  • You are 18 years old and above
  • You are able to read and write in English
  • You live in the United States
  • You have an iPhone with a working camera capable of running the app
  • You agree to receive and complete the test at home
  • You have an internet connection for a laptop/desktop/tablet that has a camera and microphone to complete the video chat

By participating in this trial, you'll play a role in advancing medical research. If successful, the Vessel Health test will be the first at-home testing solution for COVID-19. 

Provided you are enrolled and complete all the digital health trial procedures, you’ll receive a $75 gift card in your wallet in your app.

To join this trial or share with a friend or family member, download the app.

Research sponsor: Vessel Health, Inc

Principal Investigator: Jesus Gonzales, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Vessel

Sub Investigator: David Larsen, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Vessel

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