A new way of conducting research.

At doc.ai, we view health as one big research project.

Today, it’s easier than ever to capture your real-time health information while on the go with your mobile device. This data, when paired with traditional medical records and the latest tests available from advancements in biological science and medicine, can give you the most comprehensive view of your health journey.

Through the doc.ai app you can create a health hub for your medical information that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own health care. You can also select ways to participate in medical research that’s important to you and your family. Participating in research can lead to new personalized health insights that you and your doctor can take action on. What’s more, your participation will also benefit the community of individuals with similar health profiles to you once discoveries are made.

When you participate in research with doc.ai you’ll earn points in your digital wallet which can be redeemed in the doc.ai marketplace for Amazon cards or other products and services. Our research approach is built with privacy preserving principles in mind, learn more here.

Two ways you can contribute to research:

Digital Health Trials

Digital Health Trials are mobile-first, multi-omic research studies developed in close collaboration with a lead doctor, patients, patient communities and foundations. We’re always looking to add new Digital Health Trials, when you register on the doc.ai app, let us know what research would be valuable to you.

Current Digital Health Trials:
Crohn's Disease

AI Training

AI projects help accelerate medical research by training AI models to be smarter at analyzing your health information. Over time, by collecting more and more data, we can improve our prediction model to predict future health conditions. Our first AI project is AI for Mood. Learn more here.

Current AI Training:

A new way of conducting research.