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Modernize your mental health offerings.

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Meet the demand for virtual mental health using the Serenity behavioral health platform.

The Serenity Builder tool offers an easy and comprehensive way to use chat-based mental and behavioral health protocols and publish in the companion Serenity app for Android & iOS.


  • Use Protocol Builder to create or personalize engaging clinical protocols in a no-code environment.

  • Use pre-built protocols and templates from the Serenity Tools Library or build your own.

  • Take advantage of the different components to build conversations with your patients, from Clinical Assessments (PHQ-9, GAD-7), to animated wellness tools to free-text widgets.


  • Push-to-publish functionality for all protocols makes patient communication a breeze.

  • Push protocols to the free Serenity mobile app using a unique protocol code.

  • Give your protocols a unique look and feel in your own mobile app using our SDKs and API documentation.


  • Monitor the performance of your protocols among patient populations using the Protocol Insights dashboard.

  • Use the Patient Insights dashboard to track patient progress through existing or custom mental health assessments (GAD, PHQ-9) and published protocols.

  • Clinicians and care teams can share insights and collaborate to iterate on high-performing protocols.

For clinicians and care teams

  • Use pre-built assessments and protocols for free

  • Scale your delivery of mental health care with AI

  • Monitor patient outcomes in real-time

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For digital health companies

  • Place your care teams in the driver’s seat with Serenity Builder

  • Build engagement and increase long-term patient retention

  • Customize your telehealth or chronic disease management tools with AI

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