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Mental health is health.

Serenity: guided mental health solution

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The mental health crisis

Although we were already in a mental health crisis before the pandemic, COVID-19 has created a tectonic shift in mental health, spawning new concerns that many are struggling with.

Now more than ever, we need solutions for people who are either reluctant or without the resources to seek mental health support, but are willing to try guided digital therapies.

Delivering modern mental healthcare

When it comes to mental health, we believe the most engaging and outcome-driving approach is human-like dialogue. Embedding context into clinical protocols and responses can turn impersonal chat sessions into engaging conversational dialogues.

Build personalized care plans, at scale.

Serenity helps clinical teams to curate and design clinician-to-client dialogues through conversational AI. It’s easy to publish therapies in the Serenity mobile companion or in your own app. No technical skills required to create and publish.

Serenity Clinical Builder

Clinical Builder is a simple tool for clinical teams to customize therapy dialogues for their patients in between in-person visits. Start with a basic therapy course template from our clinical library, or compose, build, and publish your own custom protocols. Add check-ins, exercises, and assessments as you see fit.

Track progress, measure outcomes in real-time

Insights and analytics come out of the box and make it easy for you and your team to focus what matters. Make sure you get all the insights and understanding to deliver the best possible care.

Modernize your mental health offerings.

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