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Serenity: mind & mood health

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Coping tools.
Wellness tracking.

Made just for you

Serenity helps you become conscious of the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and actions and how this connection may be preventing you from achieving mental well-being.

The app helps you track changes in your mood over time with regular check-ins, so you can identify and address issues early on before they become a serious problem.

It works.

Serenity is a mental health chatbot that provides you with expert, confidential, and judgment-free mental health counseling and support, anytime, anywhere.

Clinically validated therapies

Your mental wellness companion creates action plans of science-based, hands-on, and practical techniques that help you challenge negative thinking patterns and turn unhealthy coping behaviors into productive ones that improve the quality of your life.

Built around privacy

Our AI technologies serve our core values of privacy, ownership, and security to provide you with transparent and safe products.

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Therapies. Coping tools. Wellness tracking.

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