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Digital health trials made easy

Siteless real-world research in real-time.

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Anyone with a smartphone is a researcher.

The platform makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone to participate in studies. Our multi-omics modules optimize data collection as well as patient report outcomes. We incorporate patient expertise and iterative, mobile-first design from user testing and data analytics. Combining on-device computer vision with our neural nets, we leverage high-level understanding from pictures, videos, voice, and chat.

Smart Study as a Service

Our team is led by an interdisciplinary group of clinicians, designers, A.I. scientists, and developers who build compliant, high-quality interactive experiences. Our consent-based digital health trials open a new world of possibilities to make studies siteless, engaging, and operational in real time with real-world data to accelerate outcomes. Studies are easy to start, thanks to our SSaaS (Smart Study as a Service) model.

Modular and multi-omics

Our modules for data capture are ready for surveys as well as for all omics including the phenome (physical traits), the physiome (physical activity), the genome (genetics), the proteome (lab tests), the pharmacome (medications & supplements), the exposome (air quality & location), and the nutriome (food intake).

Our approach is modular, offering end-to-end or à la carte solutions.

Edge A.I. & federated learning

Privacy and security is by design in all our products, which are explicitly consent and opt-in based as well as compliant with state-of-the -art healthcare regulations. is at the forefront of privacy-preserving solutions. We’ve deployed edge A.I. models in which the computation takes place where the data is captured, as well as federated learning, a distributed machine learning approach that uses differential privacy.




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